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One hour excursion

For those who can ride (trot and canter) and those who have never been on a horse or just a few times. We will go either with beginners and advance riders. Children can come from 7 years old, the small ones will go on a poni or horse on a lead rope so they feel safer.

Two hours excursion

Only for experienced riders, people who can control the horse for trotting, cantering or galloping. This one is for those used to ride who want to do their favorite hobby on a diferent surrounding.

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PRICE: 40 € (one hour) / 60 € (two hours)

TIMETABLE: everyday except Thursday from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM



One hour lesson costs 45 €. Children from 7 years old can start with us.

Those residents or visitors interested in learning or getting better at riding, can buy a 10 hour ticket for the price of 300 €. With children we will start with 30 min lessons (15 €).





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